Lara & Bizzy Arnott

Lara and Bizzy Arnott are a dynamic duo in the world of photography, each bringing their unique style and expertise to their craft.

Lara Arnott’s approach is driven by a deep curiosity about people and the nuances of everyday life. Her natural, documentary style aims to capture the genuine emotions, personalities, and spirit of each occasion. Starting from a childhood passion, Lara honed her skills photographing events at Bristol University, eventually turning it into a full-time career. Beyond the fast-paced world of events and weddings, she loves working more intimately with families, children, and individuals, focusing on combining technical precision with intuitive storytelling. Lara's dedication to authenticity ensures that her photos are timeless, frame-worthy pieces that capture life's complexity and beauty. Outside of photography, Lara enjoys traveling, practicing yoga, and nurturing her interest in the environment.

Bizzy Arnott brings a wealth of experience and a versatile touch to her photography. Having photographed hundreds of weddings across the UK and Europe, as well as prestigious events for notable figures like Queen Elizabeth II and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, Bizzy excels at creating a fun, joyful, and relaxing atmosphere for her clients. Her impressive portfolio includes portraits of celebrities such as Ed Sheeran, Sir Elton John, and members of the British royal family. While weddings are her primary focus, Bizzy's versatility extends to portraits, children’s parties, family shoots, and corporate headshots, demonstrating her ability to capture the essence of any occasion with ease and grace.

Together, Lara and Bizzy Arnott combine their passion for storytelling and technical expertise, delivering photographs that resonate with authenticity and elegance.

How would you best describe your style?

Fine art documentary style. Focusing on candid moments, captured with creative compositions and lighting, and edited with a soft, clean colour pallet.

What sets you apart from other photographers?

I think probably the heartfelt dedication we bring to every job, as well as the way we connect with people. We pride ourselves on feeling more like a friend or extended family member on the day, taking the time to truly understand each family and making the photo experience feel as fun and relaxed as possible. This helps to capture the genuine joy, the nuanced relationships and all those beautiful in between moments where often the most magic lies.

We are always committed to capturing as many guests as possible, and regularly get so swept up in the day that we find it impossible to drag ourselves away from the dance floor. We then put a lot of love into the editing process, aiming to make each photo frame-worthy.

Finally, we notice all the small, often overlooked, elements that help to tell the story of the day. From the clouds in the sky and the blossom on the trees, to the wagging dog welcoming his family home after the service.

Though I think above all else it's that we really love what we do, and we still find it the biggest privilege being trusted to capture such special moments in people's lives.

What would you say are the most key factors in capturing the perfect image?

Intuition and timing are key for capturing the perfect expression and the raw emotion in a photograph, and often involves anticipating the next moment to be in the right place. Equally vital is the ability to connect with the subject so they relax and you're able to capture their uniqueness and essence. And finally, effective use of light is essential, but only after the first two are mastered!

What’s been your most memorable event working with us to date?

Carinthia Pearson and Fin Bullough's wedding, where you transformed the church into a magical mid-summer wonderland. We'd never seen anything quite like it. 

Share one project that you’re working on at the moment that makes you really excited for 2024.

Weddings that we shoot together are always our favourites. We’re doing a beautiful one together in Scotland in June. And my own wedding in September! Where it's going to be interesting being on the other side of the lens, and Bizzy is going to have a hard time restraining herself from picking up her camera!