Juliana Designs

Whether it's crafting an illustrated crest or designing the entire wedding invitation suite to perfectly represent the couple, Juliana Temple-Richards lives for bringing her designs to life. But that's not all - she thrives on creating bespoke baby names, intricate initials, charming house portraits, and even custom furniture pieces! With each design meticulously personalised and tailored to the client's vision, the final outcome is always a masterpiece of pure uniqueness. Get ready to witness your dreams transformed into vibrant works of art that reflect your individuality and captivate your heart.

We had a chat with Juliana for her best bits of advice; here's what she said.

How would you best describe your style, and why you love doing what you do?

I would describe my style as intricate and linear – I love seeing my designs come to life, from concept to final execution, knowing that I have created something which can be kept as an artwork long after the event.

What sets you apart from other illustrators?

As a graphic designer involved with creating brands, as well as an illustrator, I like the whole stationery pack to work as a set, almost creating its own brand for the wedding or event. The versatility of commissions, from baby names and initials to house portraits and designs for furniture, means there’s always a new challeng

What are your top tips for creating the perfect event stationery?

Having a collaborative approach with the client is key. I work with the client’s theme, colour palette or even use just a tiny detail that is meaningful to them, making the stationery incredibly special and totally unique!

Have you got any exciting projects in the works that you are looking forward to?

My work overlaps with print and packaging design - I am currently working on packaging designs for a new candle company. Watch this space…