Meet Dana Rosenfield, the visionary behind d.Rosi, a design studio that seamlessly marries traditional craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics. Hailing from Los Angeles, Dana's journey from a background in photography and advertising to earning her B.F.A. in Graphic Design from Art Center College of Design led her to New York, where she honed her skills as a graphic designer for various industries.

We had the great privilege of working with Dana on our Lake Como wedding last year. Inspired by her Sicilian heritage and a deep-rooted commitment to preserving timeless beauty, Dana's work at d.Rosi is a testament to classical elegance and tradition. Today, she expertly navigates the intersection of past and present, infusing each creation with a blend of artistry, tradition, and a profound dedication to her craft.

How would you best describe your style, and why you love doing what you do?

I’d describe my style as a nod of respect, a bow, to classical splendor and tradition. I love immersing myself in the process and designing a world that evokes an era where timeless relics are passed on and kept close for generations.

I have always been enraptured by history, family history, and the historic arts, most especially by Sicily, from where my mother’s family originates and the place I recently got married. 

In your opinion, what sets you apart from other illustrators?

My experience in graphic design, branding, art direction and photography influences every project, allowing me to work from a variety of skills.

Where would you suggest couples or hosts look to for inspiration for their stationary and illustrations? 

Look at your venue or region to identify design elements authentic to the location.

What are your top tips for creating the perfect event stationery?

Beautiful typography and calligraphy are equally as important as the illustrations. Find what feels personal to the both of you, details that evoke meaningful memories, or something symbolic you’d like to put forth in this new chapter of your lives. 

Do you have any alternative or unexpected ways to include illustration in an event that you would love to do more of? 

I would love to design embroidered table linens as well as custom dinnerware for a special event. 

Share one design/project that you’re working on at the moment that makes you really excited for 2024. 

I just launched my stationery line with Moda Operandi which is a dream come true!