<span>January</span> Trends for 2022

January Trends for 2022

January Trends for 2022

Lucy Vail - 1 min read

Following another year of lockdowns and smaller parties, we have found that the easing of restrictions has prompted our clients' this year to go even bigger with their designs. 2021 brought with it lots of trestle tables full of delicate bud vases and goblets - ideal for elevating an intimate dining experience - whereas this year we are seeing more and more tables with 1m high vases brimming with foliage and flowers. We absolutely love using these show-stopping vases because they perfectly fill tall spaces without cutting off conversations across tables due to the flowers starting above any heads.

As my first love, floral ceilings will always hold a special place in my heart, however, it really has been such fun coming up with completely new designs for installation flowers. Requests started trickling in last year, but the demand for building trees within marquees is rising quickly in 2022. This year our designs include trees growing around tent poles, some bursting out of urns, and in some cases trees are taking centre stage by growing out living bars, their branches fanning out across ceilings.

It's not just tablescapes that are getting bigger though, we are creating double, even triple, urns for wedding ceremonies. These are fantastic space fillers and can be really playful, creating a great opportunity to showcase a couple's personality. A wild and whimsical triple urn is an art piece in itself but for some clients we are even using urns to create two arrangements in one, coiling garlands out of the top to create floral columns that creep up church arches.

We have also seen a large number of clients swapping out traditional structures in favour of more modern designs. Church entrance designs, for instance, are moving away from full archways towards more contemporary, asymmetrical broken arches, and in some cases we are creating an entirely broken arch comprising two columns. These newer designs are a playful departure from tradition yet still retain the huge impact traditional archways can have.

With so many varied projects in the pipeline, 2022 is undoubtedly the most exciting year for LVF to date. I cannot wait to show you the designs we have up our sleeve!